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College Major Selection for High School & College Students


Benefits of Career Design Coaching
  • Pick the right college major....the first time. 
  • Hit the ground running after graduation. Identify your natural talents and gifts, then spend your college years developing the skills and knowledge necessary to launch a great career you love, right from the start.
  • Decide if college is the best route for you.  Identify if educational alternatives to college better serve your path.
  • Make your friends envious with how confident you are with your career path. 
  • Know yourself better (natural talents, aptitudes, personality) and gain a competitive edge over your peers.
  • Choose the right college format that best matches your learning style. 
  • Excel in classes for which you have a natural talent.
  • Understand what teaching styles work best for you. 
  • Understand how to navigate certain subjects that may be difficult for you and learn how to prevent them from becoming 'speed bumps' in your educational experience.
  • Later in life, when discussing your college major, don't be forced to admit "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time."


You are approaching the final years of high school and looking forward to the future.  Or perhaps you're already in college, but haven't declared a major.  Or have declared, but it was just a shot in the dark.  With limited life experiences, there is a tremendous responsibility placed on you to be expected to know the path you'll be on for the rest of your life.  But this journey can be an exciting one if you have the right tools, self-understanding and guidance to make a informed choice!


  • Feeling pressure to choose a college major, but haven't got a clue where to start?
  • Only know four careers to choose from: Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Business Manager? (Actually, there are thousands from which to choose. Really!)
  • Feeling influenced by teachers, counselors, parents and your crew to choose a college, a major and a career path?

Studies show 70% of American adult workers say they are less than happy with their careers.
In addition, 64% of college seniors said they had serious doubts that they had picked the right major.
Most educated adults work in jobs that have nothing to do with what they studied in college.± 

Don't be one of them; get it right the first time and live an extraordinary life!

There is a lot more that goes into selecting the perfect career than just your interests.  We can help you identify your natural talents, abilities and personality (the ones you were born with) and show you how to apply this self-knowledge to the working world allowing you to choose a career that fits you perfectly!

Visit our How to Choose and Career Coaching Services page to learn more. Or call us at 952.456.8467 for a free consultation.

Help your child make an informed decision about their future career enabling them to realize their most successful, satisfied, fulfilled self. 

As you know, we spend a great portion of our lives in the working world.  While career choice is perhaps one of the most important decisions made in a lifetime, it's often just left to chance or outside influence.  Help your child reach their best-selves more directly and efficently while they're still young; not when they're mid-career and realizing they spent the past 20 years pursuing the wrong path.

Encourage them to consider Natural Talent, Aptitude and Personality Testing.  Through testing and coaching we'll partner with you and your child as they make educational and career decisions.

To discuss how we can help your child make the best possible decisions for their future, please call 952.456.8467 for a free consultation.

We are available to bring our Natural Talents, Aptitudes & Personality testing to your students and can help coach them in taking the right next steps in their education and future careers.  

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† Source: Rockport Institute, "Career Satifaction Scale "
‡ Source: Rockport Institute
± Source: "Now What? The Young Person's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career", by Lore & Spadafore 
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