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Benefits of Career Design Coaching   
  • Know with certainty, that you are on the right path to an extraordinary life and a career where you're highly successful, challenged and fulfilled. 
  • Get it right the first time. 
  • Live a life that matters to you. Offer the world something that counts.
  • Never waste a day wishing you were doing something else.
  • Work doesn't feel like work. (Really, it's possible!)
  • Get rewarded for being exactly who you are. No need to pretend to be someone else at work.
  • Use your innate talents, abilities and personality at work.
  • Have confidence that the time you are currently investing in your work life will serve you well later in life. 
  • Feel less stress or boredom at work and more excitement, energy and overall well-being.
  • Enjoy the people you work with.

So you've finished school and have been working for a few years, but you've got that sinking feeling that you're on the wrong path? Or perhaps, you've graduated, but are unsure of what you want to do for your "real job"?


  • Feeling stressed out?
  • Bored or struggling with your current work?
  • Already feeling unfulfilled in your career and asking yourself, "Is this what life will be like until I retire?!"
  • Has your career already started to pull you in an unintended direction?
  • Got the degree, but thinking "Now what?"

Likely, if you are feeling anything similar to these thoughts you are headed in the wrong career direction. Consider this...

80% of our defining decisions are made before we're 35 years old and 70% of lifetime wage growth happens in the first 10 years of our careers.
In a Gallop Organization survey of 1.7 million workers, only about 20% said they used their best strengths every day at work.
Research shows that up to 70% of workers say they are neutral or less than satisfied with their careers.±

But it's not too late! Career Design Coaching can help you right your course.

We are different than the career counselors you experienced in school. Most still use antiquated tools that typically prove to be ineffective. We use tools developed by the Rockport Institute, the world-class leader in career choice coaching. Through Natural Talent, Aptitudes & Personality Testing and Coaching, we can help you course-correct and identify your ideal career path.

Visit our How to Choose and Career Coaching Services page to learn more. Or call us at 952.456.8467 for a free consultation.

† Source:  "The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter - And How to Make the Most of Them Now."  by Dr. Meg Jay
‡ Source: Gallop Organization
± Source: Source: Rockport Institute, "Career Satifaction Survey"

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