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How To Choose A Career That Fits You Perfectly

How To Choose A Career That Fits

Our Career Choice Methodology is a comprehensive, guided program to career choice.

World-class natural talent, aptitude and personality testing coupled with comprehensive coaching methodologies result in identifying a career that fits perfectly. It requires your committment and accountability to actively participate in the career design process with the end-goal of choosing a new career path.  You and your Career Coach work together in partnership, as you make decisions on specific career components, align those components to potential careers and ultimately make a final choice on an ideal career.

Tools and activities include: testing, discussion, inquiries & exercises, reflection, building a career design workbook, careers research and choosing an ideal career.

Natural Talents and Aptitudes + Personality + Purpose + Place = 

                               An Ideal Career,
Custom Designed by You

Choice.  Make an intentional, informed and inspired choice.  It's a brilliant concept; it's your birthright.  Apply choice to your career.  With a trusted Career Coach, the right tools, and a commitment to living an extraordinary life, you can have a career that fits you perfectly.

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                "The trick is finding work where you perform a set of functions you really enjoy, 
                using your best talents, in a career that fits your personality and values 
                combined with subject matter you care about."

                 -Nicholas Lore, Rockport Institute

   Looking for an Extraordinary Life?

To reach full potential for success, satisfaction and fulfillment,  identify your natural talents and personalty ... then put them to work.

Natural Talents.  E
veryone is born with unique innate talents and abilities.  But as we transition out of adolescence, often we lose sight of these natural talents. We're left wondering...

..."What am I good at doing?  How am I naturally wired?"

These are very different questions than "What have I learned to do?" and it could mean the difference between a mediocre career plagued by dissatisfaction or stress and a career that is hugely successful, thriving and fulfilling.

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